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Pretty soldier Sailor Moon!

Posted on: April 27, 2009

I thik everybody knows this famous tv series amout pretty guardian Usagi Czukino, who is a student of college and who at the same time is a Soldier with “Moon prism Power”, and who is in the same time – Moon Princess Serenity….

Usagi has  very good friends – Ami Mizuno(Sailor Mercury), Rei Hino(Sailor Mars), Makoto Hino (Sailor Jupiter ) and Minako(Sailor Venus) …

Also she has a “better half” named Mamoru Jiba or Prince of the Earth – Endimion and Tuxedo Mask…

Together they fight agains the evil creatures, and always won – make all bad guys – good people 😉

Good, kind and very interesting anime which I love very-very much…And will see even when will be a big-big girl=)


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