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“Fionovar Tapestry” by Guy Gavriel Kay

Posted on: April 23, 2009

I’ve read this book when I was 15. And you know, for girl who adore fantasy this book firstly became boring… I mean phrases emmm something in this book was usual…SO i didn’t read this book for while, but I have  my own habit or caprise (call it as you want) – if I start read  book I SHOULD and it.. So at age 16 I started it again and…I was tightened!

I live with Kim, Dave, Paul, Kevin and Jeniffer….

I fall in love with D’yarmud and Aleiron, I adore Lorin Silver Cloak and Math Sorin…

I fell with this heroes as one… I cried, I laugh, I have pleasure of this book…

Plot is following –

Lorin Silver Cloak , the Magician of Paras-Deval’

…Лорин Серебряный Плащ, Маг королевства Парас-Дерваль, transfer five student of Toronto University in Fionovar. Kim, Dave, Paul, Kevin and Jeniffer come to the magic and FIRST world. One hundred yaers ago, black magician Rakot Mogrim, who tried to conquer  Fionovar, was defeated and was send to the dungeon under the mountain, which situated far in North…Great Magicians made 5 observation stones to care for Mogrim….

Stones are cared by Elf’s, Dwarfs and Humans…But because of treason one of Observation stones is broken and Rakot became free…

The war between Darkness and Light begins…

Five young people should play the major role in this thousand year WAR….


2 Responses to "“Fionovar Tapestry” by Guy Gavriel Kay"

Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.

Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

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