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“If Only”

Posted on: April 14, 2009

“He loved her like there as no tomorrow”

This film bring me very strong emotions. This film is about love, patience, trust, hope…

The main characters of this film – Samantha and Ion,  who are together for three years but nevertheless even through this years they have many things that thay don’t understand…

“Ion: – What is wrong? I don’t undersrand!

Sam: – I know…and that what kills me”

But, Destiny always gives everyone a chance, chance to find what is realy important in our lifes  and Ion losts Samants one day, they have very strong and amwfull talk with each other and then…she is diyng…

So he can understand waht is the life without his girlfriend…But at the morning he wokes up and see his Sam lying next to him, and he bacema toa though that it was only amful dream, but no…THAT day became true, and HE makes THAT day the most beautiful and happy day in her life…And then..he tells her  most beutiful words and then…close her from a car…he dying but SHE s alive…and she LOVES him…

I can’t describe my feelings ’bout this film because…yeap I crying while this film…Because there were real hurt, real love…real feelings…I feel myself, that I SHOUD find love like THAT Love…


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