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This guy someday will be my husband 😉 hehe….anither thing, that he don’t know about it….But I believe – only time…only little more time…hehe…Ben beware crazy monkey from Almaty is coming soon…

No realy, when  read his interview,  saw tvshows with him… I always smiling or even laughing ^_^.

As he says once:he need normal girk with good humor and good appetite…


Also I was realy impressed his role in “Bigga than BEN”…It’s amazing! He  shows us real Russian “Падонок” and you will believe his Cobakka.

I can’t wait fr His Dorian Gray role, because since I was 13 I love this Oscar Wildes book “The Picture of Dorian Gray” and I just want to see, Is Benjamins Dorian feels or life like my Dorian(Dorian in whom I believe)…can he UNDERSTAND Dorian or no…

I hope this ACTOR will have good steps into movie or to became a REAL AND GOOD STAR…

I believe in that!

So – a lil’ bit information about him:

Date of Birth
20 August 1981, London, England, UK

Birth Name
Benjamin Thomas Barnes

6′ 1″ (1.85 m)


Member of the National Youth Music Theatre 1997-2003.

Graduated with a degree in English and Drama from Kingston University in 2004.

Is one of a number of actors to be photographed by Claire Newman-Williams, including Alison Doody, Thomas James Longley, and Adam Garcia.

Was in the short lived boy band Hyrise; his band performed their song, “Leading Me On” in 2004 for Eurovision Song Contest.

His parents influenced him to go to university first before heading off to become a serious actor.

He can also sing, play drums and piano.

His fave movie – is This Is Spinal Tap (1984) .

and – some photos…

I said already that I love him? No?



So…I decided devote this blog to my real love – music, movies, books and…tam-tam actors…

In my life I have several passions and the most “POPULAR ” of them – is falling in love every week, (and believe that this person is LOVE OF ALL MY LOVE, nevertheless that in the next week there will be another extremely handsome guy 😉 )

Second passion – BOOKS….  espessialy dramas and fantasy…(also I like to write some stories )

Third and most favourite – MOVIES and Actors…

And the last,but not least is the MUSic…

so this blog will dedicated to this four things 😉