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Journalism…sounds romantic yes?

Just imagine: TV, reports from any kind of places, all around the world, your voice on radio…what can be better?

But such people forget about major point in journalism.  Mass Media should be  the POWER. People should take from Journalism thing to think.  People should rely on what reporter show them. People should find in reports something, that they can believe.

Journalism – is a lifestyle. a way to impress yourself.  To be a journalisy its mean to be a confident,  to have a strong selfmorality,  and what is very important – to be truthtul. To be…journalist….


Yesterday I bought very good movie. “Duelist”….

My impression of first several seconds wasn’t so  good. But when I saw “Sad eyes” (Kang Dong Won) I fall in love with this film.  Ha Ji-won was also perfect. All movie brings an atmosphere of magic and something unusual like sword dancing in the end of “Duelist”….

I like this movie very-very much, and if you will have a chance to saw it – saw… because this movie…perfection 😉

The first and the best is Sailor Moon, then is Chichiro Voyage, then – Howl’s house, mmm and the last, but not least: Hellsing

I love them all very much 🙂

Anime is my LIFE and LOVE 🙂

Well, David Orth is Canadian actor, who is famous for his Edward “Ned” Malone role in Canadian “The Lost World” TV series. I love the Arthur Conan Doyle book, and I loved how David played his role, even if in the book Malone was brown eyed and black haird Irish, David makes Malone in this series extremely cool 😉

So here is some facts of his biography which I’ve stolen from 😉

Date of Birth

13 March 1965,



5′ 8″ (1.73 m)

Mini Biography

David Orth was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. He has had many leading roles in various TV shows, including most notably, The Lost World as Edward “Ned” Malone. He has also starred in Beyond Reality, the Ray Bradbury Theatre, and many others.

David has been taught by some of Toronto’s leading acting coach’s. They are Anthony Cheetam, Susan Bristow and Ron Leach. David is also an alumni for the famous acting troupe, Second City which spawned its predecessor The Compass Player. David is also known for his accents. Which range from English, Irish, and Scottish among others.

In his spare time, David Orth likes to stay in shape, ride motorcycles, and take care of his dog, Rory.

David is very committed to the fan base to his hit TV show, The Lost World. Since 2002, there have been conventions held in August to honor the show and the actors and crew who were responsible for the show. If work permitted, David has been committed to come and be with his fans and talk about his experience as an actor on the show.

Has a tribal tattoo on his right arm.

Personal Quotes

“I’ve been acting for almost 15 years now. At times it feels like forever and at others it feels like it’s flown by. Life’s like that though isn’t it?”

“My favorite place on the planet is Australia! I love it there and feel like I was born to live there. I’ve visited a lot of places but never felt the connection I feel to the land, the people and the values that I do when I’m in Oz.”

“I’m not sure what actually inspired me to become an actor but the desire to express myself is high on the list. I love the intimacy of film and the ability is has to really see into the eyes and the soul if you will. I hope to do work in the future that really makes people think about important issues in their lives and the lives of others.”

“I really love reading all sorts of things, fiddling around on my guitar, watching movies and trying to keep fit. My dog Rory lives in Toronto here and we like to hang out together and go for walks. Not very exciting am I?”

“I believe my strongest area of contribution would be my adaptability. I’m pretty good at fitting in with diverse groups of people and I learn new tasks pretty quickly. I’m a solid team player.”

“I really like the fact that [Veronica and Malone] seem to be becoming very close friends. I think there’s a nice area to be explored there. Every male-female relationship doesn’t have to be a potential flirt or full-on relationship.”

“Lost World allowed me to sharpen my skills as an actor – which I’m still doing to this day – as well as do physical stunts… I also got to work with a fantastic group of people, in what is paradise on Earth, the Gold Coast of Australia.”

“As flaky as it sounds, what made me want to act is the desire to communicate and make people think about important issues in their lives.”

“I guess I’d want people to remember me as a good friend, husband and father. I would hope that my contributions as a member of the human family would be looked upon as more important than the films I did or the money I made.”

“I like that I’m in a creative field and that you never know what’s around the corner. If you have some faith, it can be an exciting way to live.”

“I’d like to work toward both producing and directing. Directing really interests me as it does many actors. That’s for the future. For now I’m an actor.”

Yes he is not so young, but have I said, that I love him 😉

My name is Tana, and I’m 18 years old. I’m student of BAIJ cousre, and there only 4 credits for me to be a third year student=)

My major interests are Fantasy, books and movies. Also I like to write different stories and I extremely love to write my books, but no one from three of them are ended=)
I live reading books and my favorite are “Fionovar Tapestry”, “Green Mile” and “The picture of Dorian Gray”. I have a big amount of fave writers. Also I like movies and as a result MANY favorite actors and actresses.

At this moment my fave actors are Ben Barnes, Mathew Broderic and Adrian Broudy. Actor who I’ll love for all my live is David Orth, Keanu Revees and Vyacheslav Tihonov;)

Actresses   I admire are this talented women: Angelina Jolie, Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Tautou and Merlin Monroe

I run a blog at, I write there my dreams, rough copy of my books and sometimes my feelings about my days and all which is connected with me.

I set at all network i know, ’cause I’m really Internet addicted person. =)
I have my account at hi5, Myspace, vkontakte and at few forums of my fave actors, writers and singers. I love social networks because of them i find many friends from Kazakhstan to Australia.